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With over twenty plus years of experience and writing, Robbie has 4 horse books available this season. Look for two important releases in 2017

An Amazing First of Its Kind Book, The Secret to Selling Horses for a Living…

Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, The Secret Behind Selling Horses by Robbie Jones

This new horse marketing book, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files is for those horse sales people who tend to think more like an informed horse entrepreneur. This guide is also for savoy over worked sales staff who want to take control of their future sales and quickly produce a larger profit margin. Robbie Jones’s, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, is the most up to date, personable guide to modern horse marketing I know. Packed with tips and well tested methods, its an essential guide for independent horse sellers who want to keep up with the ever changing world of horse marketing. There are so many simple marketing tips in this book for those who want to begin kicking up their horse sales.

Robbie Jones
Normally $21.00 NOW: $17.99
Robbie Jones

What Are Horses Really Good For? That’s Right, Saddle Up, It’s Time to Ride!

Trail Riding on Horse Back, Rules of the Road by Robbie Jones
Once you begin reading this informative guide you will realize that even if you do not know anything about riding horses you can benefit from this E book. There are so many straight forward methods to overcome your fears around horses, as well as the secret to bonding with your horse. Now you can transform your life with the ability to safely have fun on your horse.

Everyone loves horses, now its time to learn how to better control your horse while on the trail. Or its possible you do not have a horse yet, this is the perfect book to have before you bring your horse home. if you already own a horse and know a lot you will still learn a tip or trick you have never read.

Robbie Jones
Normally $8.99 NOW: $2.99


Some First Time Relationships Should Never Be Trusted to Chance

YOUR FIRST HORSE, Fun Beginner Horsemanship by Robbie Jones
This new informative horse care book is a new release from the knowledgeable horseman Robbie Jones. It is a collection of information gathered over an extended number of years working with what he loves to do, caring, handling and selling horses in the central Texas area. By sharing his experience with insights into horses, Robbie Jones will actually bring you into his world of horse handling, horse rescue management and simply loving being around horses everyday. Robbie looks at horses as if looking into a mirror held up to life, and through his writing we come to see not only horses but ourselves in relation to the horse we prize above all animals.

Robbie Jones
Normally $32.00  Now $22.00

What People Have Said About these Exciting and Informative Books by Robbie Jones

People who love their horse are always looking for books that can take them to the next level. Not everyone can afford a fancy riding instructor or a $350 DVD course. My beginner horse books bring you real information you can use every day with your horses.

Had not ridden or handled a horse for over 30 years. I bought this book to get acquainted once again with techniques before taking on a couple of rescue horses. After carefully reading I was ready for the horses when they came. I felt like a pro when it came to learning how to feed the new horses.

This book is recommended for the beginner or intermediate horse owner who wants to know the right method. It is easy to read and easy to put what I learned before my horses. Easy to use for research on particular points of how to buy a horse as well. Good easy country style of writing that I wanted more of…..welcoming you to go out and confidently handle and ride your horse with no issues. Great addition to my other horse books.
Fred McCann
Lampassass, Texas
Winter Horse Care
Had Not Ridden in Many Years….
  As a beginner horse owner soon to be in my FIFTIES, I found this book VERY informative and easy to read! I have read several books on horseback riding as beginner, but Robbie’s book made it comprehensible and simple enough that you can understand the concepts and you just go through the reading easily It backed up what my lesson instructor taught me plus what I knew about a horse’s mannerisms as well as what different ‘sounds’ they make mean, how to approach your horse and the law them, what to feed them, what to wear and not wear when riding, cues, gaits and much more.  The way the book is written leaves you with the basic concept that will help you to get confident. I discovered the kindle format and really enjoyed it. Thank you Robbie! Very good info for a beginner horse owner!
Janice Gillan
Houston, Texas

Winter Horse Care
When I Found This Book I was a Total Beginner…..

Anyone can try to sell you a book....

I am trying to sell you a book that will change your horses life for the better and bring you real information that you can truly use.

I am going to sell you a book you will pass on to your family and friends because it has horse tips and advice that you will use daily.

Robbie Jones

And Why the Hell Would You Want to Read My Books….

My name is Robbie Jones and for well over 20 years I managed a large horse stable just north of Houston, Texas. I lived on the stable property so at the end of the day, I was still there caring for the horse basically 24 hours, seven days a week. I loved the horses and each day was hard, fun and exciting. There was rarely a dull moment. After many continuous years of horse care and learning I was able to channel my many experiences into my writing. I am the author of Trail Riding on Horse Back, Rules of the Road, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, and my most recent book release Your First Horse, Fun Beginner Horsemanship. I also have two new horse books set to be released in the 2017-2018 season.

Over the years I have been spotlighted and featured in several Texas horse magazines and newspapers for my various wondrous programs with horse rescue. I could sit here and try to do my best to brag about the thousands of people I have helped match up to the right horse for their skill level. But I would rather talk about my own personal transformation into horses.

There was a time in my life when I was a beginner with horses, I was not confident around them and at the time could not even tell an Arabian from a Thoroughbred. Every horse I ever sat on would buck me off, but that was before I met a man named John Lyons. I was lucky enough to have met a man that at the time was the only horse trainer and people trainer that made sense to me, and there he was 25 miles from my house, visiting a close friends ranch. From that chance meeting I was able to work with John and his son, Josh Lyons for the next two years and learned so much under there watchful eye. From there the sky was the limit.  At this time I can not only spot and tell you  almost any breed of any horse, I am able to ride and handle most any horse and do so daily. As well as write about horses, I still buy, sell and handle horses in central Texas to this day.

The many horse secrets and information I have learned over the years is information I can simply pass on to you in my horse books.

Robbie Jones

Successful Winter Horse Care eBook

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Here Are 5 Top Reasons You Should Read My Books

Horses touch each one of us in different ways. When we own them we are concerned for their care and well being. Here are a few reasons you should buy and read one of my horse books.
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  • Build Your Confidence Around Horses
  • Understand How Horses are Thinking…..
  • Everyone Wants to Learn More About Horses
  • Horses Make Us Feel Good…
  • Do It For Your Horse… and For Yourself!

Everyone wants to feel confident in the things they do. Confidence around horses, when you are a beginner, is something that will come to you with the right experience. My question to you is this; how long would you like the learning process to take, a few months or over the next 8 years?

Reading my horse books and following the tips and advice will help you understand horses and you will develop a stronger confidence around them.

Keep Your Horses and Barn Ready for the Worst of Winter

There are many places on the internet you can find some of this information but you will not find anyone telling you what not to do!
In this carefully prepared guide there is a complete list of thing you should never do, such as; You should never keep a blanket on your horse without checking the blank regularly.

This fact and a host of others are in the special section: What Not To Do With Your Horse

This guide Successful Winter Horse Care will save your horses from the misery of being neglected during the cold months.

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Robbie Jones