When I Found This Book I was a Total Beginner…..

Winter Horse Care
  As a beginner horse owner soon to be in my FIFTIES, I found this book VERY informative and easy to read! I have read several books on horseback riding as beginner, but Robbie’s book made it comprehensible and simple enough that you can understand the concepts and you just go through the reading easily It backed up what my lesson instructor taught me plus what I knew about a horse’s mannerisms as well as what different ‘sounds’ they make mean, how to approach your horse and the law them, what to feed them, what to wear and not wear when riding, cues, gaits and much more.  The way the book is written leaves you with the basic concept that will help you to get confident. I discovered the kindle format and really enjoyed it. Thank you Robbie! Very good info for a beginner horse owner!
Janice Gillan
Houston, Texas